Private Ayahuasca Retreat in Ecuador

Ayahuasca is a medicine that works on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  On the physical level, it purifies the body of the toxins accumulated from the unhealthy habits of day-to-day life, be it chemicals and preservatives ingested from the highly processed and engineered foods most easily available for consumption, to alcohol, drugs, medications, and all sorts of other compounds that are not natural for our bodies to consume.  Ayahuasca resets the body’s natural cycles and rhythms and boosts the immune and central nervous system.

On the mental and emotional level, it allows us to revisit memories and traumas that we must face to learn and move forward.  It releases the energy that gets stored from unresolved and unprocessed experiences that when untended to, can result in disease.

On a spiritual level, it allows us to connect to our essence.  It’s an encounter with the soul.  In this space, one can connect to a purpose for their life, feel their divinity, and see the truth of who they are both their light and darkness.  It’s possible to feel a sense of unity with the universe, with Mother Earth and to understand through feeling that all beings are connected, that we are all one.

Ayahuasca is the perfect guide for those ready to dive into these depths.  Typically, ceremonies are carried out in groups. Still, many individuals prefer to have a private and tranquil environment for this type of journey, making a private ayahuasca retreat an ideal option for them.  Having a private ayahuasca retreat in Ecuador is the opportunity to sit with the ancestral ayahuasca medicine in a territory it is native to while connecting to the energy of the incredible nature Ecuador has to offer.  The mountains, rivers, forests, wildlife, etc… all contribute a powerful energy that supports this very profound encounter with oneself and their soul. 

With a private ayahuasca retreat, the entire ceremony is centered around the intention of the individual who it is for.  Instead of having the energy of the Shaman and facilitators spread amongst the many participants in a group ceremony, all of the energy is focused on the individual who has come for the private ayahuasca retreat.  Our private retreats in Ecuador are facilitated by a female shaman, who is also a psychotherapist, and it is only during a private ayahuasca retreat that individuals can work with her 1:1 and engage in talk therapy and other therapeutic practices that she implements to guide the individual even deeper in their process of inner work.  In one night it is possible to heal deep emotional wounds and move forward in a way that could take years and years of therapy while in an ordinary state of consciousness. 

If you are looking for profound healing, ready to experience a transformation of your being, and feel called to sit with Ayahuasca, a private retreat in Ecuador may be the perfect option for you.

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