Homeownership Made Easy: Exploring the Role of Motilal Oswal Home Finance Unlisted Shares

You are in the right place to know how MOHFL or Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited is making homeownership and to explore the role of its unlisted shares. MOHFL is a fast-emerging NBFC or Non-Banking Financial Company registered with NHG or National Housing Bank. It is part of the NSE & BSE listed Motilal Oswal Securities with a market capitalisation of over 27,000 crore rupees. Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited started in 2013 and has seen rapid growth in the last ten years to have over 100 branches in over ten states across India. It is helping low and middle-income people realise their dream of living in their own house at reduced EMIs and interest rates. It is the reason that the MOHFL loan book has crossed over 4,300 crores in 2023, and its profits are soaring to hundreds of crores every year. It is making the MOHFL unlisted share in high demand in the grey market to buy from the reputed online platforms. 

So, check out how Motilal Oswal Housing Finance Ltd is making homeownership easy for needy people and why it is essential to buy its unlisted share to make huge profits. 

How Motilal Oswal Housing Finance Ltd is making homeownership easy?

The dream for most middle and lower-class people in the world’s most populated country, India, is to own a home. The soaring rents in the cities, towns, and suburbs are significant expenditures and have many issues. It is here that Motilal Oswal Securities, one of the leading stock brokers in India for the past 37 years, has gained the trust of around one million investors. Started in 1987 as a broking house, it got listed in BSE in 1990 and was one of the first members of NSE to serve lakhs and lakhs of clients. Motilal Services started MOHFL in 2013 to expand its services and has now lent over 4,300 crores for people to buy homes in India. The significant reason is that it offers home loans up to 40 lakhs at an interest rate of 11.75% per annum and lower EMIs with long loan tenures of 25 years to salaried and 20 years to self-employed people. 

Why to buy unlisted MOHFL shares?

Motilal Financial Services Ltd, the parent company, and its other subsidiaries hold over 94% of the  MOHFL unlisted shares.   In the last three months, the share price of Motilal Financial Services in the exchanges saw a rapid rise to almost double from around Rs. 1,000 in November to over Rs. 1,900.  There may be many reasons for it, but it is also having an impact on the unlisted Motilal Oswal Housing Finance Ltd share, which reached its low all-time, around Rs. 10 to around Rs. 15. There are many reasons for its increasing revenue to be over 4,000 crores, operating income to over 1,800 crores and profit around 1,000 crores. With the financial results for the current fiscal year to be announced soon, which experts predict to be high, MOHFL shares are the best buy at low rates to make high profits. 

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