Where is Preacher Filmed

Fans of the TV series “Preacher” often wonder where the show’s captivating scenes are filmed. Let’s explore the locations that serve as the backdrop for this gripping drama.

Adaptation from Comics

Before delving into filming locations, it’s worth noting that “Preacher” is based on the comic book series of the same name by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.

Setting of the Show

“Preacher” is primarily set in the fictional town of Annville, Texas, but many scenes are filmed in various real-life locations.

Main Filming Location

The majority of “Preacher” is filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which serves as a versatile filming location for many TV shows and movies.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque provides a diverse range of settings, from urban landscapes to desert vistas, making it an ideal location for filming “Preacher.”

Specific Locations

Several specific locations in Albuquerque are used as filming sites for different scenes throughout the series.

Old Town Albuquerque

The historic Old Town area of Albuquerque often doubles as the town center of Annville, providing a quaint and picturesque backdrop.

Desert Landscapes

The vast desert landscapes surrounding Albuquerque are frequently utilized for outdoor scenes set in the Texas wilderness.

Urban Settings

Albuquerque’s urban areas and city streets serve as backdrops for scenes set in various towns and cities visited by the show’s characters.

Soundstages and Studios

Some interior scenes for “Preacher” are filmed on soundstages and in studios in Albuquerque, allowing for controlled environments and elaborate set designs.

Rural Areas

Occasionally, filming takes place in the rural areas surrounding Albuquerque, providing authentic settings for scenes set in the Texas countryside.

Other New Mexico Locations

In addition to Albuquerque, “Preacher” has been filmed in other parts of New Mexico, taking advantage of the state’s diverse landscapes.

Iconic Landmarks

Certain iconic landmarks and buildings in Albuquerque may be recognizable to fans of the show when they appear on screen.

Special Effects

Visual effects are often used to enhance the on-screen locations and create the supernatural elements depicted in “Preacher.”

Seasonal Changes

The filming schedule may vary depending on the time of year, with different seasons requiring adjustments to capture specific weather conditions.

International Locations

While most of “Preacher” is filmed in New Mexico, the show occasionally ventures to international locations for certain episodes or scenes.

Collaboration with Local Communities

Filming “Preacher” in Albuquerque provides economic benefits to the local community, including job opportunities and tourism revenue.

Cultural Influence

The presence of film and television productions like “Preacher” has helped to establish Albuquerque as a cultural hub for the entertainment industry.

Tourism and Fan Interest

The popularity of “Preacher” has sparked interest from fans who visit Albuquerque to explore the filming locations and experience the show’s world firsthand.

Legacy of Filming

“Preacher” contributes to the legacy of film and television production in Albuquerque, adding to the city’s reputation as a prime filming destination.

Environmental Impact

Efforts are made to minimize the environmental impact of filming in Albuquerque, including conservation measures and eco-friendly practices.

Public Awareness

Local residents are often informed about filming locations and schedules in advance to minimize disruptions and ensure public safety.

In conclusion, “Preacher” is primarily filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, utilizing the city’s diverse landscapes and versatile settings to bring the show’s captivating story to life. From urban streets to desert wilderness, Albuquerque provides the perfect backdrop for the supernatural drama unfolding in “Preacher.”

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